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Conference Topics

Conference Topics

Mechanical Engineering

– Design, building and research of machines and devices
– Cutting machining, devices and tool-systems
– Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping
– Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
– Machine learning application in manufacturing systems
– Human-robot collaboration
– Digital twins

Production Engineering

– Production planning and scheduling
– Supply chain management
– Smart manufacturing
– Cyber-physical production systems
– Intelligent methods in production management
– Assembly and disassembly lines

Biomedical Engineering

– 3D scanning and reverse engineering techniques
– Advanced composite materials for high-end engineering applications
– CAD design of anatomical models
– XR techniques in design of medical products

Quality Engineering

– Production process improvement/Six Sigma
– Engineering e-learning and virtual training and education
– Smart manufacturing
– Quality costs
– Knowledge management and decision support systems
– Standards of safety and ergonomics

Metrology and Measurement and Control Systems

– Vision systems in quality control
– Statistical analysis of control and measurement systems
– Tactile and non-tactile measuring methods
– Surface roughness and topography measurements
– Multiscale measuring devices and data analysis